“Is It Safe is a series of six video modules and associated print material.  The areas of focus are:


  • ‘Is It Safe Home Security   
    This program will instruct homeowners across America about safety measures  they can take to protect their home, loved ones and personal property from theft  or harm.


  • ‘Is It Safe Auto Safety  
    This program can help all drivers across America become more aware of the common driving mistakes and preventative measures they can take to reduce property damage, avoid injury and loss of life.


  •  ‘Is It Safe Home First Aid 
    This program will offer instruction in basic first aid skills, techniques, and items  to have on hand around the house to use in case of emergencies.


  • ‘Is It Safe Fire Safety   
    This program will instruct homeowners on good fire prevention habits and proper safety techniques in and around the home to help ensure their family’s safety.


  • ‘Is It Safe Child Safety  
    This program will provide parents with a tool to use with their children to discuss  and reinforce good safety habits and establish good safety practices.


  • ‘Is It Safe Senior’s Safety 
    This program will educate and inform seniors, as well as their families, to help  them  avoid becoming victims of fraud, financial scams, and health risks.